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smart concepts...

for smart hotel developers...



We are looking to grow AncyrA Hotels & Inns brand with like-minded and idealist partners who are excited to deliver a positive stay experience.

The brand is an econo / mid segment brand and ideally suited for conversion and new-builds in secondary and tertiary markets. AncyrA  is capable to compete with any select-service brands in the market.


Individual developer, hotel management or ownership companies can be a part of the hospitality story which we are keen to re write...

property conversion

No PIP required, and increase margins by connecting through global brand agreements with leading OTAs helping AncyrA properties optimize business through these distributors at reduced compensation levels.

AncyrA Hotels & Inns developers benefit from compliment individual websites and regional team providing industry-leading operational support including a consulting support, access to leading edge suppliers and design support, and problem resolution for hotel specific matters

how to become AncyrA...

2 (1).jpg



Send us your inquiry and short information of your property.


One of our Regional Directors will contact you to discuss with you all possible partnership options such as Franchise, Management or Managise.

Your application will be reviewed by the Continent Worldwide Hotels for consideration and approval.


After finding mutual ground on development,  we will enter into the agreement and we will introduce you our brand


Within 30 days, we will be ready to convert your property to our brand. 

special offer during COVID-19


We invite hotel owners and ownership groups to join our multi branded hotel chain now and save the money by cutting down unnecessary fees.

Hotels will receive an array of incentives, including:

- discounted joining fees 
- discounted monthly license (royalty) fees 
- Access to preferred OTA with low commission rates
- Lower GDS fees and Channel management fees
- Individualized complimentary web pages with domains

Additional Benefits:

Short term contract availability
- No mandatory PIP requirements
- You are independent, we give you advise, not orders.
- You have voice in our franchise membership program
- No dictating strict rules, flexible membership
- Areas of protection
- Freedom to use vendor of choice

signature offerings

free wi-fi
complimentary breakfast
business center

Signature offerings are the memorable experiences exclusive to AncyrA that bring the brand promise to life.

flat screen TV


quality towels and linens


service F&B

brand atmosphere


reception | lobby

AncyA Room 2
AncytA Room 1
AncyrA Room Design 3

room prototypes

AncyrA Room 4
AncyrA Room 5
AncyrA Room 6
AncyrA Restaurant 1
AncyrA Restaurant 2
AncyrA Restaurant 3
AncyrA Restaurant 4


coffee shop

coffee shop
coffee shop
coffee shop
coffee shop
coffee shop
coffee shop

master franchise option

Our mission is to develop the most successful global hotel brand through International Master, regional, and property level Franchisees.


The master distributor has a direct relationship with us in the Turkey and is responsible for the distribution and marketing of our brands within their particular country.


If you develop multi hotels or your company able to promote our brands as a Master Franchisee contact with us today to learn more:

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